The Confederation U.S.A.E. it is an organization intercategoriale without thin of profit, that gathers the single Associations that stick you, representative of the wage earners and autonomous, of those busy in cooperative forms and autogestite, of the precarious ones or looking for first occupation, of the pensioners. It is born in Italy, in December of 1994, on an elaborate project during some reunions, mainly developed him in Austria, among Associations of workers of the south-oriental Area of the europa, with the awareness that the unique coin - with the foregone consequences on the bargaining - and the east widening of the European union they will change the geometry of the alliances and the actual syndical order of the confederations that already operated to European level.
The Project develops him with great rush and today in Italy USAE is a great Confederation that counts on organizations of category that organize around 400.000 associates distributed on the whole national territory. Usae is mostly representative on the national plan and, from last year, you/he/she is represented in the CNEL (The Board Nazionale of the economy and the Job) "Organ of consultation of the Chambers and the Government for the subjects and second the functions that are attributed him by the law. It has the legislative initiative and you/he/she can contribute to the elaboration of the economic and social legislation according to the principles and within the limits established by the law."
The organisms peripheral provosts are the Committees Regionali, Provincial territorial e/o.
The Confederation U.S.A.E., you/he/she is organized in Departments:
information - contractual politics - politics of the job - social politics - Social Security politics - training and updating - economic, financial and fiscal politics - volontariato and national and international Cooperation - culture, sport and leisure time - safety - mobbing - computer science - controversies and legal aid.

The Confederation U.S.A.E. it disburses services through his/her own operational corporate body: the Center of Fiscal Aid - employees and pensioners; the corporate body Federate her National of Training; the corporate body of Aid to the citizens (Syndical Patronage) and the Association for the safeguard of the entitlements of the citizens and orientation of the consumers.
The Confederation, since the birth the promotion of the human entitlements proposes him (and in such sense you/he/she has collaborated with the international federation of the human rights) and to the creation of a strong organization of labor unions that to European level you represent the affairs of the workers of the nations of the Areas of the south and the European east. It is our belief in fact that, really for the fact of operrare for a long time, the existing European organizations are incapable to interpret the demands and the claims of the workers of these Areas. A philosophical thought that is also well reassumed in some excerpts of the text of an old Article, still very actual, I taken back by the magazine "Parliament":

" The Confederation U.S.A.E. (Union Verified Autonomous Europeans) it expresses one organic vision of his of the history of the man and it has, as corollary pragmatico, one ethical and social doctrine of his that wants to be also above-the-line of critical thought. His/her Syndicalists are those people that profess these ideal conceptions fighting for translating her with the action in original historical forms of civilization.
This the abyss that races among Us, creators and carriers of an intimate thought of realization and the empirical syndical organizers of yesterday and of today, nient'altro that officials, executives or subordinates.
The Labor unions and the Confederations, currently risk to be degenerate tools to be able, that magnifying the defects, proper of the Parties, would heavily condition the life of the State and the Company.
There is not in such organs some ideal light and any awareness and wish to come to an institutional transformation of the Modern State, to economically make him/it more truth, more person responsible, and more next to the needs of the citizens.
As for the associates' safeguard, this reduces him to the proverbial one it throws and rubber band, to the simple bargaining with the holders of the private capital or worse of the public capital of the State that, it is duly instead place in second floor, subordinating the collective interest to that of part.
Everything this doesn't have anything it has whether to see with Our vision that stings on a new and different conception of the organization related to the exploitation of the potentialities of the single ones in the relationships with the organization and of this last towards third.
A transformation that departs from the base, "ab imis fundamentis ", or rather with a superior formula that intends to safeguard the principle of "liberty" adapting him/it with that of "organization" really of the social economy.
The Labor union is able in a new form to promote the exceptional one and wise pluralism of our Company,...

... Europe is a culture, that as such you/he/she must be conquers day after day in how much continually exposed to the risk of the forgetfulness and, therefore, of the loss.
The source of the European value is the cultural inheritance. We push there even more there in, holding necessary, a process of aggregation that keeps in mind of all the realities of the east-European, doesn't complete Russia, whose capital, Moscow, is right you/he/she is sued with the appellative of "third Rome" and to full security it reenters in the sketch of Europe thought as such....

.... With conviction and constructive mind we set there what craftsmen of a true involvement of widen European Syndical reality since convinced that the " Old Continent" it doesn't correspond to a geographical space that would not be in such sense anything else other than that "promontory of the Asian continent" of which Paul Valery talks, but, going over the illusion of the appearance and the fences of the time we are in hand to become enzyme catalyst for those people, that lacking from partitico-ideological conditionings, they appeal to the noble sketch of the autonomy and syndical independence.
Sketch of thought and action that it stigmatizes a careful run to the safeguard of the human rights, of that universal laws that need to be specified on concrete contents according to the historical, cultural and economic conditions. As a grain of wheat grows under the earth in the silence and in the shade, there are some sudden maturations of historical importance that appear to the light, but they escape so many and I am nourishment for the one who has higher experiences of reasoning.
We are well aware that ours is an ambitious project; a project that wants to leave his/her imprint in the history of the "Verified", because all of this that fact and writing is said hourly of in before, cannot put aside from us, in favor or against, for the intelligence and the social action that we promote."